Custodial Services


Sealy ISD partners with SSC Services for Education for the daily sanitizing and cleaning of all classrooms, offices, and district facilities.

Custodial responsibilities include:

  • Daily cleaning and sanitizing of instructional spaces during the academic calendar
  • Evening cleaning and sanitizing of instructional and support spaces
  • Cleaning of cafeteria(s) before, during, and after meals
  • Deep sanitizing: intended to deter and stop the spread of transmittable pathogens
  • Deep cleanings: improve facility appearance and air quality through the waxing, carpet cleaning, dusting of fixtures and appliances
  • Restocking classroom COVID supplies and refilling bottles with sanitizing agents (temporary service)
Staff can receive the most from the custodial services provide  by:
  • Removing surplus materials from desk and table surfaces at the end of the day ensures all surfaces are accessible and readily cleaned. Custodial staff will not disturb any paper items or material left on those surfaces
  • Moving classroom, gym, and lab props off the floor and returning them to storage at end of the day ensures all floor surfaces are cleaned and vacuumed
  • Administrators, nursing staff, and managers that have single key locksets limiting access to their spaces can coordinating cleaning of those spaces with the day time custodial staff
  • Moving personal items including cups and valuables to a secure drawer or locked cabinet at end of each day
  • Immediately reporting to custodial all spills from food and drink on carpeted surfaces or walls
  • Returning COVID supplies to the designated table at the entrance of each classroom at the end of each instructional day

Custodial staff ARE NOT responsible for:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing of classrooms and desk between class periods
  • Cleaning technology including laptops, keyboards, or monitors
  • Cleaning any areas inside the campus kitchens where food is prepared for students
  • Erasing 'white boards' or 'chalk boards' at end of each day
  • Cleaning of trade program areas including Ag Pens, welding and mechanic shops
  • Cleaning the maintenance, grounds, or transportation facilities
  • Cleaning district transportation vehicles
  • Cleaning any mechanical and electrical room
  • Returning student desk to designated positions after classroom activities

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease Sealy ISD has monitored CDC recommendations and implemented protocols responsible for keeping our facilities open for the safe return of our stakeholders. Current disinfecting measures are based on industry best-practices proven to be effective in killing a broad variety of organisms and pathogens. The following products are in use at all campuses:

Diversey Virex II 256

  • Used for disinfecting all surfaces nightly
  • Has a 10 minute contact time claim to fully kill SARS-CoV-2 pathogens
  • EPA registration number 70627-24
  • Link to Product Info Sheet

Qxivir TB

  • Used for disinfecting all surfaces during school hours
  • Has a 1 minute contact time claim to eradicate SARS-CoV-2 pathogens
  • EPA registration number 70627-56
  • Link to Product Info Sheet


  • Antimicrobial coating on all high touch areas applied monthly
  • Effective against influenza
  • Not registered on EPA list N
  • Link to Product Info Sheet


  • Antibacterial hand soap used in student restrooms, athletics, and offices
  • 99% or greater kill against Staphylococcus aureus, E.Coli, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Formulated with skin conditioners to be extra mild
  • Link to FDA Product Information NDC 62257-875

Sealy ISD is committed to the use of current technologies proven to be 'safe' in K-12 facilities and represent the least risk to stakeholders. The district will pursue the use of  'greener' alternatives as they may become available in the future. 

You can find additional information about SSC Services at

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