RFP #02272017 Questions & Answers

Question:  Hi Amy, are you needing installation for the computers and also, under Special Terms and Conditions 100% Performance and Payment Bond will be required of the awarded vendor.  Is this the case with this RFP?

Answer:  No we do not need installation, and the bond would be required if we were requiring installation.

According to the RFP it looks like the earliest contract date is in April.  Do you intend to receive all 150-175 all at once?  Or do you need warehousing included in this?  Or will you be doing a roll out?.  The RFP states that an order will be placed within 60 days of award.  So do I need to have pricing that is good for 60 days from April 19th which is the earliest award date?

Answer:  Yes we can receive them all at once or multiple shipments, if necessary.  We do not need warehousing.  Yes the pricing will need to be good for 60 days.  They do not have to be delivered until June 8, and we will pay within 30 days of delivery.  

Hi Amy:  Has Sealy ISD applied for Microsoft Shape the Future?  IF so, can I ask for your letter of eligibility.

If not, registration is a simple process and will  allow Sealy ISD to purchase the Microsoft OS at a lower $$ amount.  Microsoft Shape the Future is a program funded by Microsoft for all Public K12 schools in the United States.http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/education/products/windows/shapethefuture.aspx  Above is the link to the Microsoft site for reference. Thanks in advance

Answer:  Yes, Sealy ISD has applied for the Microsoft Shape the Future program and we do have the letter of eligibility.  I will email a copy of the letter by email request.  I will email it to you.  Thank you.

Amy – Can we get clarification on “turn-key” contract from page 13?  The previous Q&A states there is no installation. 
Also regarding configurations under the Vendor Requirements on page 12, does that include imaging of the devices?

Answer:  This is our standard RFP and in this instance there is no "turn-key".  You are correct, there is no installation this is a simple order, ship and purchase transaction.

You can include the imaging devices as an add-on cost in your bid if you would like to, but custom imaging of the devices is not a requirement.

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